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Albino Mbie


I work with a small NGO in the field of leprosy. One of our branches is in Mozambique. Through a grant, they have recently taken testimonies from people who have experienced this disease. We would like to create a short video (3 minutes or so) of clips of these testimonies that can be shared locally in Mozambique using WhatsApp. The goal of the video would be to normalize the disease so people are not afraid of going for treatment. I think music would be a good way to do this. While I realize that your focus is on music, my hope is that you would also be able to identify someone who has the technological expertise to edit and integrate a few clips from the videos videos. We do have some funds for this project. Here is a link to our organization to give you some background: I also have a powerpoint created by one of the individuals in Mozambique on their work there.

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